...is contemporary jewelry made from recycled industrial surplus. Most materials are related to the computer industry, which is why I refer to it as "High-Tech Surplus". I especially love to use metal shielding, a machine knitted steel wire, used to protect cables from radio wave interference. I use it because it looks like metal lace. Very pretty, and it lends itself well to use as jewelry.

WILLAjewelry is a one-woman operation. All designs are my own, and are either one-of-a-kind or made in very limited production.

Every item is made by hand.


I love recycling discarded materials, Making 'waste' valuable again through a magical rebirthing process of sorts.  I started scavaging along railroad tracks and industrial dumpsters as an art student, just to stretch the budget. But I continued long after graduating because found materials have character and history, plus the search for materials is an adventure in and of itself.


Born in The Netherlands.

Graduated with art-teaching degrees from The Netherlands: MO-A & MO-B.

Lived in Switzerland for two years before moving to the US.

Graduated from San Jose State University with an MFA, masters in fine art.

Taught art classes in Europe and California.

Was an exhibiting and award-winning sculptor before becoming a jeweler in 2000.

Clients included a.o. Smithsonian Institute, Chicago MOCA, Philadelphia Museum of Art, LACMA, Palm Springs Art Museum, and Houston Contemporary Craft Center.

Jewelry studio is in Silicon Valley, CA.

Currently learning French and Spanish, just for fun.